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bullet    Welcome to Convention Registration Services, a full service event registration company.  Convention Registration Services would like to offer a proposal for services covering your event from pre-registration through on-site registration for attendees, exhibitors, volunteers, etc. Our services include gathering attendee information, fee collection, badge creation and distribution, demographic data reporting, PDA lead retrieval services for exhibitors, and formatting attendee information for you and your exhibitors.


bulletPrior to your event, Convention Registration Services offers a very flexible menu of pre-registration options. Your attendee may register by logging onto our Internet site, mailing or faxing us a registration form, or calling a toll free phone line. Reports are available on a schedule set by you to update your company on the status of pre-registered attendees.


bulletConvention Registration Services offers the latest technology for badge printing. A printer feeds a single badge at a time from a roll of badge stock so the badge is printed immediately following the entering of registration information. This means that badges are not held until they can be printed in groups of four to eight to fill sheets of stock. This creates a faster continuous method of badge distribution since the printer is continuously presenting badges for distribution. One printer has been proven to print faster than data can be entered by up to fifteen data entry processors. This keeps registration lines short and attendees happy.


bulletThe data collected by Convention Registration Services can be anything you wish to collect from the attendees. This data is collected from pre-registration through the end of the event. The data is then "cleaned up" (duplicate records removed, typos corrected, etc.). The CRS database is then placed in an accessible data format of your choosing. Final reports including the full data set will be sent to you via email or online access for downloading within 2 weeks from the end of the event.


bulletIf the exhibitors want to contact attendees after the event ends for follow-up sales calls, a lead retrieval service may be needed. Convention Registration Services offers a PDA type of lead retrieval.  A barcode containing the contact information is printed on the attendee's badge. The exhibitor may rent PDA barcode readers from Convention Registration Services to scan the badge of each attendee. This attendee information is used by the exhibitor, for follow-up sales calls after the event.  The exhibitor can even keep his own notes about each attendee for future reference.


bulletConvention Registration Services is prepared to handle the money collected as attendee fees and is also aware of the monetary value of the badges and the attendee information. We have procedures to protect all monetary and information valuables from loss and theft. To insure your safety, Convention Registration Services is a bonded company.


bulletWe can collect fees for pre-registration, on-site registration and special events within the convention. In addition to cash we can process payments of checks, and credit cards.



bulletConvention Registration Services can also provide exhibitors a copy of the attendee information collected from the attendees via email, if you want to share it. The data collected at the event is the property of the event management. Distribution of this data is done solely at the request of the event management.


bulletLet us assist you on your next event.  You can contact us by using one of the contact methods below.  We will take the information about your event to build a set of services that give you a complete, hassle-free registration.


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