Convention Registration Services




bulletConvention Registration Services uses the standard size 4 x 3 inch badge.


bulletThe information printed on the badge is setup unique for each convention.


bulletPre-printed color logos and convention information on the badges are available at printer’s prices. The printer would need any logos in the original artwork format. CRS will interface with the printer from initial contact until the badge stock is received.


bulletAnother alternative is a printed convention label can be stuck on badge stock you supply. Convention Registration Services uses the standard size 4 x 1 inch label.


bulletPlain white 4 x 3 inch badge stock is $0.15 per badge.  While the printer can print graphics, the graphic must be presented in a true to size bitmap.  The printer has a resolution of 300 dpi.  A standard laser printer uses a resolution of 600 dpi.  If the graphic is complex or needs to be very clear, pre-printed badge stock may be a more suitable alternative.  The printer is black and white only so color on the badge stock will require the use of pre-printed badge stock.



Printer prices for pre-printed logos vary based on the material and number of colors to be printed.





bulletConvention Registration Services uses a variety of badge holders.  The most popular style is a vinyl pouch holder that can be attached to a neck lanyard.  An acetate pin on badge holder is our most economical holder.


bulletBadge holders come in many different formats. Changes in format include material the holders are made of and fastening devices used on holders.


bulletPrices can be provided for various styles of holders.



If event management does not know what style badge holder is desired, a catalog of available types of badge holders can be consulted.