Convention Registration Services





bulletThis is an optional service.


bulletThe exhibitor rents a PDA scanner unit to read the attendee information for future contact. The attendee’s information is placed in a barcode printed on the attendee’s badge.


bulletIf the attendee wants further contact from the exhibitor, he allows the exhibitor to scan the barcode with the rented scanner. After the close of the event, the exhibitor can get all of the information needed to make a sales call to the prospective client. This includes the type of contact the attendee desires (show order, sales call, send marketing info, just looking or one of two options defined by this particular exhibitor).


bulletThe equipment used for this service is shipped with the registration equipment so there is no charge to event management.


bulletThere is only one rental option using this technology. Each scanner holds the attendee record number, contact options chosen, date and time for each barcode scanned during the event. This information is downloaded to a computer terminal on the registration network. The exhibitor can view the attendee data in the PDA during the event. After the close of the event, the exhibitor can get an email or CD containing the PDA data along with the registration contact and demographic data designated by event management.


bulletAll PDA lead retrieval costs are covered by the rental price for the units. This includes the expense of personnel, computer equipment and network. There is no additional charge to the event management.  The rental cost for the PDA lead retrieval units is estimated based on the number of units to be rented by the exhibitors and the amount of support required for the PDA lead retrieval service at that event.