Convention Registration Services






bulletCRS provides friendly, experienced personnel, the computer system including terminals, printers, UPS systems and backups to insure prompt on-site registration plus all of the materials needed for badge production.


bulletCRS has a flexible number of registration agents to handle the projected number of attendees with the objective to never let the line waiting to register exceed 20 minutes. The CRS staff performs the data entry and trains and manages the temporary personnel that perform the data entry.


bulletWorkstations are connected in a network to a central database so any person at any workstation can access the full data and functions of registration. This is important to the attendee with a problem and needing special assistance. Databases from previous events are used as a reference to reduce typing and increase efficiency. These databases can be searched by first, last and company names.


bulletHigh-speed printers dedicated to printing badges on heavy paper stock produce the badges within seconds of the agent pressing the print key. Personnel can remove individual badges, insert them in the holder and present the badge and any event materials quickly to the attendee.


bulletUn-interruptable Power Supplies (UPS) and daily backup of the database are two methods used to prevent loss of system availability for registration. The UPS unit keeps the computer system and workstations functioning through a power failure. (Usually caused by someone unplugging or tripping over a power cord.) The daily backup protects the data from theft or vandalism of the computer system overnight.



CRS provides the registration forms, badge holders, and badge stock and other materials if requested. The materials provided by CRS or the event staff is determined mutually for each event.