Convention Registration Services


Mail or Fax




bullet    Attendees can pre-register through either CRS or the event organization. If the event organization pre-registers the attendees, CRS will enter them into the database and provide badges prior to or at the convention.


bullet    CRS can pre-register attendees via one or more of the these methods:

Mail in to a Post Office box with the event name.

Online registration forms on this ConventionRegistrar web site.

FAX to a Convention Registration Services fax machine.

With any of these methods, CRS will provide the event staff with a pre-registration list and demographic report prior to the event. We can also pre-print the badges and have them at the event or mail them to the attendee prior to the event.  Due to security issues, some events wish to have the badges printed onsite instead of pre-printed or mailed.  CRS can set up a workstation dedicated to printing pre-registered attendee badges at the event.


bullet    The event management determines the information collected during pre-registration and on-site registration. Common fields are first name, last name, badge name, address, city, state, zip code, phone number(s), e-mail address, company name, position in company, attendee classification. The attendee classification is determined by the event management to separate the attendees into logical groups (demographics).


bullet    The event management also determines which of the collected information is printed on the badge along with pre-printed event information.